TRML’s Sound Selections #47

TRML's Sound Selections #47: Girlschool - Screaming Blue Murder

Girlschool – Screaming Blue Murder

Back when metal was largely dominated by oversexed men with an increasing interest in hairspray and makeup use, Girlschool kicked in the doors to the heavy metal boys club and made themselves at home. Their third album, Screaming Blue Murder, is chock-full of thick bass and powerful drums with raw, fiery guitar and vocals/lyrics that are pure attitude. Clocking in at a tidy 31 minutes, Girlschool brings a somewhat punk energy to their brand of metal, keeping the songs tight and powerful with no wasted time on extended solos or overly-long intros. Just pure fist-pumping, floor-stomping heavy metal.

I first heard Girlschool on the split EP they did with Motohead, which was included on one of the re-releases of Ace of Spades. I found them interesting because they were a rarity on the metal scene of that time and helped pave the way for acts like Lita Ford (who would release her solo debut the year after Screaming Blue Murder) and many others. Girlschool is a group of hard-hitting ladies who know how to bring the house down and are a must for any metal fan’s collection.