one wasted day

Song Sketchbook #3: One Wasted Day

song sketchbook 3 one wasted day

This week’s sketch is an interesting one for me because it would not have been possible without some of the recent upgrades to my recording setup (specifically the drums). It’s also interesting (again to me) because of how I wrote it. I started on bass where I figured out a few lines for the chorus and verse. I then wrote the lyrics and THEN wrote the chords (which were only somewhat matching up to the original bass lines I wrote since the song had mutated by then). Usually it’s chords > lyrics with the bass as an afterthought. I should really make a point to give the bass more love in my song writing…

The subject matter of the song is pretty straightforward and is something I feel is quite relatable. You have stuff to do, but there’s a world of distractions tempting you away, and when you finally DO get around to your task it’s too late. I wrote it because I really didn’t feel like writing about anything. I have a bunch of ideas, but at the time I needed to start writing the next song I wasn’t really feeling up to tackling any of them. Something clicked in my brain and this song emerged. Maybe it was the backwards approach to writing I mentioned above. Who knows? The muse works in mysterious ways.

Anyway, here’s One Wasted Day.