Growing Up - The Real Michael Lee

Growing UpReleased 10/28/2022

Growing Up is TRML’s second EP. It’s a collection of five raw and intimate acoustic tracks. The idea of this collection was to make it seem like the listener is in the room, hearing the songs performed for them. It’s available to stream on Apple and Spotify, as well as to purchase on Bandcamp. The album cover was illustrated by Deneal Fletcher.

New You cover art

New You (Single Edit)Released 12/31/2021

New You is the first single off what will be my first full-length album. It’s a far more simple production than other recent efforts and embraces something of a “garage rock” aesthetic. One guitar, bass, drums, and vocals. It gets to the point and rocks from beginning to end. The extended version will be available on the album, whenever that releases. You can listen to the single on all streaming sites or on Bandcamp here.

Synthetic ManReleased 6/25/2021

Synthetic Man is a double singe with two versions available simultaneously. The Hardwired Heart mix is more rock n’ roll, whereas the Digital Soul mix is more synth focused. The Digital Soul mix was also produced by Jeff Soule, who did an amazing job taking the song to strange and exciting places. Both singles are available on all streaming platforms, as well as a collected “deluxe edition” that is exclusive to Bandcamp.

Disappearing Daughter cover art

Disappearing DaughterReleased 2/24/2021

Disappearing Daughter is my sweetest, folkiest number yet. It is available as a deluxe edition EP on Bandcamp as well as all streaming sites, like Spotify.

Interrobang single cover

InterrobangReleased 12/31/2020

Interrobang is the second single off my as-yet-unnamed upcoming album. It is on Bandcamp as well as on streaming sites, like Spotify.

where are all the jetpacks cover

Where Are All The Jetpacks?Released 11/6/2020

WAATJ? is the first single off my as-yet-unnamed upcoming album. It is on Bandcamp as well as all streaming sites, like Spotify.

Song Sketchbook ReduxReleased 10/2/2020

Redux is a collection of three of my less sketchy song sketches. It is currently only available on Bandcamp.

Hold StillReleased 5/8/2020

The first official release from TRML, Hold Still contains six tracks recorded in winter/spring 2020. It is available to stream on your favorite streaming site with digital copies available to purchase on Amazon, iTunes, and Bandcamp.

In the Absence of Fred (Campfire Mix)Released ???

A bonus release that was culled from a collection of singles made during the winter/spring 2020. It’s listed as a 3/5/2020 release, but only one of the tracks was released on that date. The others were originally released with older versions of the tracks off Hold Still.

“Fred” contains three tracks, two are alternate acoustic mixes of tracks off Hold Still, and the third is a folksy cover of a punk song. This release is currently available only on Bandcamp.