Song Sketchbook #1: Tattoo

song sketchbook 1 tattoo

With the release of my first EP two weeks ago (titled Hold Still, available most everywhere digital music is sold/streamed), I was thinking on what to do next. I want to keep the content coming and not just release performance videos (which, admittedly, are not easy to make) or acoustic demos on Bandcamp. After a lot of thought I decided to do this experiment I’m calling a Song Sketchbook. The idea is that I’ll write and record a song in a short amount of time. I’m not saying how short so I don’t over promise anything, but that will hopefully be apparent soon. These will effectively be glorified demos, but hopefully more than just me and an acoustic. (No promises!) I want them to be listenable as stand alone songs. Anyway, I’ll do this for, say, 12 or 14 songs. Then, when I feel I have enough content, I’ll take the best of the bunch and fully work them up for my next album. At that stage they could end up completely different from their Sketchbook versions. Who knows?! After that, I’ll possibly do it again (hence the “season” descriptor). I’ll also be releasing these in a blog format as a way to engage as well as offer insight into the process. That idea isn’t anything original, but I believe it is effective, so I’m stealing it!

The first song in this little experiment is called Tattoo. It’s about a person trying to come up with a really good idea for their first tattoo. Enjoy!