TRML’s Sound Selections #40

TRML's Sound Selections #40: The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Take It From The Man

The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Take It From The Man!

In a spiritual continuation from last week’s Sound Selections entry, The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s 1996 album (well, one of their THREE 1996 albums) Take It From The Man! is another 60’s revival album that has both feet very firmly planted in the old British RnB. Anton and the group wear their influences on their sleeves in these 18 tracks (as well as some interesting exposition in the liner notes) which sound like they were recorded in 1966 instead of 1996. That somewhat lo-fi sound really adds to the character of the songs, as healthy doses of tambourine, jangly guitars, reverb, and analogue clipping really add a warmth to these numbers. It was a highly creative (albeit tumultuous) time for the band, and their talent really shows through on this record.

As much as the frontman of the BJM might dislike this, I first heard of them via the Dandy Warhols and the documentary Dig!. While that movie doesn’t really paint either band in a flattering light, it does do a great job showcasing their music. I was blown away by how Anton was so creatively productive in a time when his life and band were in constant flux and how the rest of the band tried to keep things together as they created a plethora of amazing songs. While the rest of the 90s-era band has gone their separate ways, Anton is still going strong fronting the BJM, having released their 20th album just last week, which is excellent and proves that the BJM is still relevant and well worth a sonic deep-dive into their discography.