TRML’s Sound Selections #1

Whirlwind Heat – Do Rabbits Wonder?

Trying a thing where I talk about an album a week every Friday…

For the inaugural post, I wanted to Highlight a really fun album from 2003. Whirlwind Heat’s Do Rabbits Wonder? is a an album that straddles the precipice of the absurd while strapped to a rocket. The sound is verging on anarchy while still maintaining something resembling order. Its overall sound is very garage rock (they were part of that scene in Detroit and this album was produced by Jack White), but has a sprinkling of experimental throughout. Oh, and their song titles are colors. So you gotta read the liner notes to learn anything about the songs.

I first heard of this trio when they opened for Beck on his Guero tour. I was hooked that night. Their stage presence was phenomenal. After the show I went to the merch booth and, knowing nothing of their discography, bought their followup EP, Flamingo Honey, which is only 10 minutes long. I later tracked down Do Rabbits Wonder? as I knew there had to be more than just the EP. Since then I’ve enjoyed this album over and over, each time finding something new to like about it.

It’s definitely worth a spin, especially if you’re into that raw garage rock sound.