The Real Michael Lee

A somewhat folksy singer/songwriter/what-have-you who likes to write catchy little dittys for the world to enjoy.

TRML Live 6/8/21

Below is my set and the “lightning round” from last night’s Hambones Open Mic. I forgot the lyric to “One Day You Will Wake Up” in the second verse. Blegh!

Synthetic Man Bandcamp Exclusive

Just like I did with Disappearing Daughter, I will release a Bandcamp EXCLUSIVE edition of Synthetic Man. This deluxe single will include both the Digital Soul and Hardwired Heart mixes of the song as well as a live version only available to own on this release! It will drop on 6/25.

ANNOUNCEMENT! New Single 6/25!

My new single, Synthetic Man, will be available everywhere! Not only that, there will be TWO versions available. One (Hardwired Heart) is more rock and roll and the other (Digital Soul) is more synthy robo. The robo mix was produced by the ever-amazing Jeff Soule.

I’m planning something special for Bandcamp, but more on that later.

Synthetic Man Hardwired Heart Mix

TRML Live 5/4/2021

Dig my set from last night’s Hambones Open Mic! I tried a new setup with my guitar since the sound on my previous setup was inconsistant and some of the effects wouldn’t come through. Now you can hear the guitar better, but it’s kinda tinny. Dunno. I’ll get it eventually… Here’s the vid: