TRML’s Sound Selections #5

The Sugarcubes - Life's Too Good

The Sugarcubes – Life’s Too Good

Did you know that before being well-known as a solo artist, Bjork was in a rock band? If you’re a regular reader of this then the answer is very likely “yes.” (I assume my audience supports their Bjork.) But, if you are new to the TRML scene (yes, it’s totally a scene now because I say it is) you might be wondering what, possibly, could Bjork in a band sound like? Well, think if the B-52s took acid, cranked up their amps, and really let their hair down. Then you’d be close. The Sugarcubes first album, Life’s Too Good, is an avant-garde power pop romp with songs that range from fun and witty to heartfelt, with song compositions that keep one’s attention and never lets the listener get bored. And yes, as with her solo career, Bjork’s amazing voice is very much on display as a key instrument, clearly helping to define the sound of the band.

It will surprise no one when I say I’m an avid Bjork fan. However, it might surprise you to know I didn’t discover The SugarCubes until a good while after I had made a deep dive into her solo work. To me that is a good thing because this album, while excellent, is not what I’d call a gateway into her solo works. Why? Because it’s too rock oriented and not nearly experimental enough. While yes, there are some bits of experimentation in the music, you’re not going to find things like a mic’d-up tray of salt here. But that’s fine. The pop world wasn’t quite ready for that yet. But what they WERE ready for is a collection of quirky rock songs that look back while at the same time push forward into what would be a VERY interesting decade of music.