TRML’s Sound Selections #48

TRML's Sound Selections #48: Milemarker - Frigid Forms Sell

Milemarker – Frigid Forms Sell

At the turn of the millenium the world was ready for something new. Everything from fashion to fine art to music was changing and looking to the future. Milemarker was no exception to this creative evolution. On their album, Frigid Forms Sell, Milemarker took their previously (fairly straightforward) hardcore sound to a whole new level by adding synthesizers to the mix, creating a unique futuristic punk sound that turned quite a few heads on the underground scene. Songs about the terrors of technology and insect mating are formed with diodes and wires welded to the bones of hardocre punk. The addition of singer/keyboardist Roby adds a haunting quality to many of the numbers as they sway from ethereal to heavy and back again. It’s a juxtaposition that would serve them well over the next few years as they became staples of the underground punk scene.

I’m a longtime fan of Milemarker, especially this period in their career. At the time their sound was nothing like I’d ever heard before and their live shows were highly energetic and something to experience. Unfortunately their output has slowed considerably over the years since and they haven’t released a new album since 2016, but their electro-hardcore punk sound can still be heard today in countless acts, both mainstream and underground. They might not have been the first to plug in a synth in a punk band, but their brand of electro-punk sure left a mark on the scene.