TRML Live 10/26/21

Check out my set and lightning round song from last night’s Halloween Hambone’s Open Mic! I did Shirley.EXE since it graced us with its presence earlier in the evening, as well as a cover of Science Fiction/Double Feature from rocky Horror Picture Show!

TRML Live 9/7/21

My set from last night’s Hambones Open Mic. I got the sound issue fixed on my guitar (it was a bad patch cable on my board) and I test drove a NEW song.

TRML Live 8/24/21

Here’s my ripping set from last night’s Hambones Open Mic, wherein I do a searing medley of songs which breaks TWO strict rules. The scandal!

Also, sounds like I need to change the battery in my acoustic… Add that to the to-do list.

TRML Live 8/17/21

My set from the Hambones open Mic last night. I played an old song and a NEW song! Also, I really am not a fan of soloing on an acoustic. It just doesn’t have the same feel as on an electric. Now THAT’S a hot take!

TRML Live 8/10/21

Here’s my set and Lightning Round from last night’s Hambones Open Mic. It felt a bit rough but it always feels worse than it actually was, I guess.

TRML Live 7/20/2021

My set from last night’s Hambones Open Mic. I brought back Interrobang as a re-worked acoustic version. Still getting it under my fingers, but I like where it’s going and it’s really fun to play.