TRML Live 8/24/21

Here’s my ripping set from last night’s Hambones Open Mic, wherein I do a searing medley of songs which breaks TWO strict rules. The scandal!

Also, sounds like I need to change the battery in my acoustic… Add that to the to-do list.

TRML Live 8/17/21

My set from the Hambones open Mic last night. I played an old song and a NEW song! Also, I really am not a fan of soloing on an acoustic. It just doesn’t have the same feel as on an electric. Now THAT’S a hot take!

TRML Live 8/10/21

Here’s my set and Lightning Round from last night’s Hambones Open Mic. It felt a bit rough but it always feels worse than it actually was, I guess.

TRML Live 7/20/2021

My set from last night’s Hambones Open Mic. I brought back Interrobang as a re-worked acoustic version. Still getting it under my fingers, but I like where it’s going and it’s really fun to play.

Synthetic Man Now Live Everywhere!

My new single, Synthetic Man, is now live on all streaming platforms in both Hardwired Heart and Digital Soul flavors. It is also available on Bandcamp as a deluxe edition which includes both versions as well as a live version recorded on the Hambones Open mic!

Synthetic Man Hardwired Heart Mix

TRML Live 6/8/21

Below is my set and the “lightning round” from last night’s Hambones Open Mic. I forgot the lyric to “One Day You Will Wake Up” in the second verse. Blegh!

Synthetic Man Bandcamp Exclusive

Just like I did with Disappearing Daughter, I will release a Bandcamp EXCLUSIVE edition of Synthetic Man. This deluxe single will include both the Digital Soul and Hardwired Heart mixes of the song as well as a live version only available to own on this release! It will drop on 6/25.