TRML’s Sound Selections #35

TRML's Sound Selections #35: Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand – Franz Ferdinand

It’s early 2004. It’s a fresh new year and you flip on the radio. Undoubtedly you hear this catchy number from a hot new indie group from Scotland. In fact, you CANNOT escape Franz Ferdinand’s hit single “Take Me Out.” The reason being, well, it’s GOOD… because it’s well crafted, just like the rest of their self-titled debut. Right out of the gate Franz Ferdinand solidified themselves as a mod powerhouse who can craft tight rock songs with jangly guitars and killer hooks. On top of that, Alex Kapranos has a knack for witty lyrics that sprinkle a bit of humor into the mix. It’s a winning combination they have managed to maintain yet keep fresh with each new album since.

As mentioned above you could not escape Franz Ferdinand in early 2004 (and AGAIN in 2005 with their next album). They’re a band that I listened to quite a bit back in the day, but they fell off my radar for a few years. Now I’m back to enjoying their music regularly with a new perspective. As a songwriter myself I’ve gained a much deeper appreciation for Franz Ferdinand’s ability to deliver tightly structured songs with an energy that carries even through the quiet parts. But even without the technical analysis it’s hard to not enjoy their brand of rock. Franz Ferdinand is a very hip spin and their tunes are borderline earworms that you’ll find yourself humming for days.