Yes, I’m Still Here…

Well now, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I am still here and yes, I am still working on music. It’s been a slow process, but it is in process. Right now it’s recording live drums, which, due to my housemates (i.e. family) can only be done at certain times. The album is written and demoed, though, so a recorded version of it DOES exist.

Oh, and I’m also writing new songs, because creativity waits for no one, regardless of how slow their recording process is.

Also, ALSO, I’ve been spending a LOT of time working on my online business www.glowbatstore.com. It’s an alternative fashion store with cool shirts and stuff with my own original designs on them. Go check it out and if something strikes your fancy, feel free to make a purchase. It will also become the exclusive home for official TRML merch once, you know, I have new music to promote that’ll prompt folks to want merch.

So that’s what new with me. Still here. Still rockin’.

More soon.

New EP Out on 10/28

The Real Michael Lee - Growing Up

I’m excited to announce my NEW EP titled “Growing Up” will release on 10/28!!!

It’s a collection of five raw and intimate acoustic recordings. Just me, a guitar, and the listener.

The cover was illustrated by the ultra talented @losgryfog

The EP will include a song only available here, a cover of a song by the amazing blues singer Bessie Smith, and two stripped down tracks from my upcoming album, which will be out likely next year.

I’ll share samples once the mastering is complete (just gotta make some final tweaks).

More info to come!

New Single Out 12/31!

My new single, New You (Single Edit) will be released upon the world on 12/31. New You is an aptly titled number that brings my sound “back to basics,” with just vocals, guitar, bass and drums. It’s straight-forward and it ROCKS. It will be available on all the digital platforms for purchase or streaming.

New You cover art