Song Sketchbook #4: You Never Really Saw Me Anyway

song sketchbook 4 you never really saw me anyway

This week’s song sketch… It kind of came out of nowhere when I was processing the Black Lives Matter movement that has (rightfully) been brought to the forefront of everyone’s attention. It’s a breakup song, and the euphemism of black Americans being in a toxic relationship with white Americans clicked when I heard an analogy made between an impromptu song sung by the artist/national treasure Jean Grae from the perspective of her cat and the centuries-old struggle of the black American population. Her line “why isn’t anybody looking at me” as a euphemism for the struggle is very apt. Just look. They are your friends, neighbors and loved ones. SEE them and SEE their daily struggle against the systematic racism that is so ingrained in this country. As a white dude I can’t even pretend to begin to begin to begin to understand. But I, and I hope you too, can SEE and ACT. Everyday. Because white America never really LOOKED at the struggle until it was thrust onto the national stage. And it’s long past due we did.

I do have notes on the song, but I will hold off on posting those so the above can sink in. In the meantime, check out the song below then feel free to go here and do some good.