Thanks to a Massive Windstorm: More Random Thoughts

So yesterday we had a MASSIVE storm come through our area and it knocked out the power (which is still out) and the cell service (which came back late last night). Lots of cleanup and gawking at the damage was done by all. As such, I didn’t get to write today’s post, which was planned to be an informative followup to last week’s post. To keep things consistent and the content flowing, I’ll shelve that post for next week and instead offer you five random thoughts brought to you by yesterday’s storm:

  1. Yard work is not fun. UNPLANNED yard work is even worse.
  2. Anything can charge your cell phone if you look hard enough and are willing to skirt around the concept of “safety.”
  3. Keep an eye on your idiot neighbor in case he decides to wander over and pick up a random cable laying on the ground.
  4. If you see one trampoline on the side of the road, it’s trash. If you see TWO, it’s a sale!
  5. Use candles when the power goes out for a romantic evening OR an impromptu performance of The Phantom of the Opera.

There you have it. Five more random thoughts: storm edition! I’m hoping to have power back up in time to record this week’s song sketch. I’ll have something one way or another, but it might be less polished than normal due to recording limitations. We’ll see!